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I'm thinking I might pick this thing back up. I got an account with blogger, but I don't really like it over there. Plus, I've had this livejournal since I was 16. That's 6 years, people. I have a little extra time on my hands and I spend most of it downloading/listening to music, watching movies, and reading... I think I can add updating my journal to that too. I miss sharing music. Anyway, guess I'll be around.
It's been about three months since I've posted anything here and it's a little sad. I've had this livejournal for almost 6 years. Anyway, I can't say I'll be back to post regularly anytime soon so right now I'm officially ON HIATUS :(

One day I shall return.
Tuesday night was one of the best nights I've had in a long time. I can't even begin to explain how happy I am and how amazed that I can, for the first time in my life, say I'm proud to be American, Virginian, Black, Hispanic, Mixed, Female. There was dancing in the streets of downtown Richmond. Cheering, hugging, crying. They closed most of the streets. For once people are in the streets rejoicing, crying with happiness. At least for awhile we march because we are proud of our country and ourselves, marching over the same pavement and cobblestone worn with years of protests and anger, hopelessness, shame. This is a new dawn and hopefully for years to come we will continue to use our voices and shout with pride and joy.

Btw, Virginia went blue. I love my state, my home, no matter what, but this was just the icing on the cake. Everyone can see that we recognize greatness and innovation when we see it. The capital of the confederacy helped make history.

All over the world people celebrated this victory. This time we won't be apologizing for our shortsightedness and poor decision making. This election, this win has somewhat redeemed the American people in the eyes of the world. It's a step in the right direction.
MEEE!! Yay!

Since going to see Bloc Party and overcoming my fear of... uh... not being able to move (I don't know if theres a word for that) at least somewhat, I'm braving the scene again to see my favorite singer perform at the 9:30 club in DC on Nov 24th. I will remember to bring my camera this time so I can properly document this momentus event.

BTW, Sondre, a norwegian living in New York had this to say about the election (READ IT! It's adorable):

Obviously, being a Norwegian citizen, I cannot vote in the upcoming US presidential election. And I'm not gonna start telling you who I think you should vote for (although I'm sure most people reading this can guess which candidate gets the crucial Lerche-endorsement). I will, however, offer all my North American friends some advise to consider come election day.

In saying all this it should be abundantly clear that I urge anyone eligible to, indeed, VOTE!

If you need any additional motivation - which, frankly, you shouldn't, but I won't pass judgment - I'll say this: vote on behalf of the many who can't.

The President of the United States affects, for better or worse, billions of people sharing our world. So if not for yourself, vote to the best of your conviction on behalf of people like me who can't vote. We'll be forever thankful.

Now, for the advice I promised. It's pretty standard stuff, but then again, voting isn't rocket science. It just may take a while, as there's already talk of long lines. So the first advice, I guess, would be: prepare to wait in line.

Or be smart and go early. Some of you maybe already voted - good for you!

If you find yourself waiting in a dreadful, never-ending line, you're going to wish you brought a friend, some snacks, maybe some music, a book or something as obvious as a warm jacket.

I would recommend bringing my friend Thomas. He is funny and also very knowledgeable on the subject of politics. If I could vote, I would definitely go with him, so make sure you bring someone like that for the billions I just mentioned who can't.

For snacks, I'm thinking chocolate raisins. Or, no: Swedish Fish! No, wait! Sliced papaya with lime! Or maybe just play it safe with some plain old Ruffles chips (although they do make a lot of noise)?

To be honest, I swing all sorts of ways on this issue. If I was going with Thomas maybe we could bring two things each and share? Then again, he is seriously allergic to dairy and I wouldn't want him to drop dead on Election day, so chocolate raisins are out of the question. Ah well, more important issues are at stake, I suppose.

For music I highly recommend the new Department of Eagles record. It's fantalicious (may I claim ownership of that word, Donald Trump-style, or am I so behind I'm ahead?). It's a truly beautiful, deeply harmonic and mystical record. Nothing at all like Mystikal.

Depending on the length of your line you may want to do something else than just playing that Department of Eagles record over and over (it's only 42 minutes). If you brought your iPod (and it's not a vintage model - like three years old or something) you could be watching the latest episodes of The Office and behold the hilarious and touching wonder that is this show. The show just keeps getting better and better. There's no end to my affection for this gang. The only thing that could perhaps put a damper to my appreciation would be if I found out that Pam and Jim didn't vote. That would not be ethical, ethical.

Make sure you don't actually believe the polls when they say this or that candidate is winning or losing. Nothing is for certain until the fat lady sings and the current administration has left the building.

The important thing is to not be afraid to get all mavericky and cast your vote.

When you've done so, you may find that you wish to escape the torture of seeing the numbers for your candidate come in and skip up and down all night, while reporters repeat the same things over and over all night, knowing as little as you about the outcome.

At this point you've done all you could so why not take the rest of the evening off. Go to the movies, take your mind off this whole thing and seek out the following tremendously terrific films: "Rachel Getting Married" and "Man On Wire". They're so creative, funny and touching, you'll forget about the entire election, all your worst fears most desperate hopes for the future.

Fingers crossed you'll wake up the next day to find the world heading in a slightly better direction - much thanks to your vote.

Happy voting, my friends.

Thank you,
and I had to get a new one, I didn't have to resort to making a "Gimme Yo Numbahs" group on Facebook! ::major double thumbs up::
I've got a plan. Really, I do.
Bloc Party 8/5/08 - TLA Philadelphia</a>

Thanks Bloc Party. The show was AMAZING. You have more than deserved your title as my favorite (current) band.

And Philadelphia is a lovely city. I would love to go there again.
There's this movie with Michael Douglass that I just saw the preview for. In it he's yells "You wanna shoot me? SHOOT ME!" while Keifer Sutherland points a gun at him and says, "Don't make me do this!" The intensity had me glued to the screen for about .0284 seconds. However, I will take this opportunity to say that Keifer Sutherland could be perfection. Pure 80's perfection. And that is not arguable.

friends only and all that.
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